Mass Plywood Panel

Mass Plywood Panel

Mass Plywood Panel

  • We are excited to announce the development of a new-to market, veneer-based engineered wood product– Mass Plywood Panel (MPP) manufactured by Freres Lumber.

What is a Mass Plywood Panel?

  • MPP is a massive, large scale, structural composite lumber-based panel designed as an alternative to Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT). CLT products have been used in Europe for decades as a substitute for concrete construction and have recently been used in multi-story construction in the United States.


  • Studies are showing that using veneer as a raw material for a Mass Timber Panel can potentially achieve the same structural attributes of a CLT panel with 20% less wood.
  • Large format panels can be manufactured at the production facility to include window, door, and all other required cut-outs, which will minimize waste and labor on the job site.
  • The relative lightness of the panels can help transportation costs and logistics when constructing buildings on-site.
  • MPP can potentially alleviate current building constraints of labor and land availability by allowing contractors to build quicker and taller with fewer workers.
  • The aesthetic appeal of wood makes MPP a competitive new option


  • MPP is a massive plywood panel with dimensions up to 12 feet wide and 48 feet long. Boasting thicknesses from up to 24 inches thick, the panels may be customized to fit specific projects. Thickness may be constructed in 1 inch increments to provide superior strength and performance.